International day of the girl

Today, October 11 is the international day of the girl this is an event that goes on every year, but it has a different theme every year, and this year it’s education. That means that every year, thousands of girls are missing out on school and learning, they especially miss out a lot in secondary schools, i feel very sorry for these girls because everyone should always be equal, especially in education!!

This could be by lack of money, especially in poorer countries and it is extremely unfair to girls because if they decide to have a family one day when they are older, their kids will get poor education as well and it can’t keep spreading! And in some countries when girls get forced to get married at an early age, they have less education just to get married.

So today an organization has decide to stand up for this and help give girls equal rights to boys, and have the right education.  In the city today at Flinders street station, there is a mural of girls sitting at a sewing machine instead of being at school, and you can go into the city and help erase this!  There is also an online version, here is the link-

More links for this cause-


Winter Sports

In winter sports, I was the scorer, and I was in netball, it was fun being scorer because you can see everyone playing and chat to people from other schools! (And draw on score sheets… shh!) But sometimes it was a bit annoying because everyone crowded around to see the scores! Some people think winter sports is the best thing since sliced bread, yeah, It WAS fun, but I don’t think it’s the best… the best thing is… I don’t actually know!

By Izzy

Swimming carnival

It was swimming carnival day and everyone was very exited! We walked up there in the 5/6 group and everyone was talking about it. When we got there we set up the tent and I went to my first event which was girls freestyle, I was really scared, when jess said to go my heart started racing!!!!!!! When I finally got to the end of the pool I went up and got the place. I pretty much spent the whole day waiting for all my events. My second event was my favourite, Backstroke and I did a bit better at this one than I did on freestyle. After a long time it was my last event, kickboard it was very fun but scary to race across the pool  and pass it to the other person.

After, we packed up and went to school!

By isabel

Gala Sports recount.

The tennis ball batted towards me as i swung my bat towards it,hoping i could hit the ball!But i missed it! NO!!! There was still a chance, i thought as the red sand kicked up from the ground. When it was the end of that match, we shook hands with the other team, we did not win,but we had still tried!! All of this was happening at Gala sport bat tennis, everyone was exited. For the rest of the day (i had no more games.) I exitedly watched the matches of our school playing the other schools, hoping we would win! For some of the day we sat down and played a few games if uno , and we met some people from another school and talked to them for a while. We were waiting for the big final rounds, wondering who would get into the finals and hoping our school could win some matches! A few hours later the finals were on!!! I didnt get in , but we cheered for Moonee Ponds primary!!  It was fun to watch . At the end of bat tennis we found out that our school had come 9th , that was an improvement from last time. YAYYYY!!! Everyone was tired (i wasnt really but i only played one game.) So we stopped in queens park, ate our lunch, played some games , and then headed back to school. Gala sports day was very very FUN!!!


ACMI Excursion

-Yawn- oh, today we are going to ACMI! I thought in the morning. First we took a bus and then went on a really crowded tram and I kept on falling back when it stopped. Then we rushed in a big group from flinders street station to federation square, and they recording something for the ABC radio, we went to a playground to have our recess and then we finally went to ACMI! The first group, which I was in, went to the Game Masters, which was REALLY cool! My favourite game was fruit ninja for the Xbox kinect, it was so fun! It was difficult to get it started. The whole exhibition was actually about who made the games rather than the actual games. There were three sections- Arcade games, which are old games that you play in arcades, New games- which are obviously, the newest games! And lastly, Indie games which are games that normal people have just made for fun. After we went to this extra, which was about a person named Ian Burns who made animation tools just from random things he found around the house, and he made different types of animation with them, it was amazing!!! And after we went to screen world which had all the first types of animation. One was really interesting, you turned a disc thingy and behind these holes in it you saw a dragon flying! We found out that Wizard of OZ was the first film with colour; we also saw how cartoons used to be made! Then we went on a train to school and that was our ACMI excursion!!

By Isabel

The Met Challenge!

On the 7th of September, the day of the met challenge, I think our group were pretty successful! We achieved our goal, which was to be able to work collaboratively and work well. We got a little bit stuck with where Montgomery Park was, but other than that we didn’t get lost. We saw a number of strange- a lady with a cat- ON A TRAM! And it wouldn’t stop meowing, and we saw this man that burped and kept on talking to us, and finally we saw dog poo with a flag on it!!! Our group had lots of fun; we took our group photo on this rocket ship thing at Coburg Lake in the playground. We played on the playground there for a bit, it was so cool! We didn’t get to all the places like Merri Creek and Ceres, but we would have run out of time!! My big highlight of day would have been going on so many trams, trains and buses, or just that we had so much fun! I think we planned pretty well, but maybe next time we should follow our route more- we went to Sydney road twice! So we could have been more organised. But we had a fantastic day with my mum, Dilan, Auriana, Stephanie, and me! The met challenge was GREAT!!!!!!!

Shuttle relay (6 room image)

I was running toward the finish line with the little blue pole in my hands. It was so bright; the sun was shining right in my eyes I couldn’t see were I was going for a second. I could see in the crowd of blue there were lots of different voices I could also hear people from other houses cheering for there team-mates. Then I suddenly really wanted to know what place I was coming. I was very exited and I bit worried I would come last, I didn’t know what place I came, but it was FUN!!!

By isabel

The shrine of remembrance

On Friday 18th of May we went to the shrine! We caught public transport using our mykis and it was my first time using one, it was really, really easy! Once we got there we saw the eternal flame which had been burning eternally since 1999. Once we went inside the shrine we watched a little film about how soldiers felt about the war. The person who was going to show us through the shrine came he showed us what the soldiers had to wear to war and it looked really uncomfortable! We also saw what the nurses looked like; they look very different to now.

Then we went to a room which had a statue of a World War 1 soldier and a World War 2 soldier, they both wore different uniforms! After, we went and ate our recess in the botanic gardens. We went back in, and saw a plaque which said “greater love hath no man” then we went over to the top, the view was amazing! You could almost see the entire city! after that we went and ate lunch and went back to school.

It was a fun day. By Isabel

swimming recount

It was a grey, cloudy Monday morning and we were rushing to the Moonee ponds swimming pool. Once we got there, we slipped, slapped, slopped on the bright white sun screen, set up our towels and sat down. About an hour later, we heard year 5 girls freestyle! So we rushed down to the bright blue pool and hopped straight in… IT WAS AS COLD AS ICE!!!! But we had time to get used to it and the high – pitched horn went and we SWAM!! my heart was pounding so hard it hurt! I kicked and kicked and in a few moments I was right at the end of the pool. I hopped out to see what place I came … 5th … after I raced back to my towel and had a bit of my recess. But I was freezing because the cool breeze made the water on my skin ice cold. It took FOREVER for my next event to come, but finally the house captains started rushing around telling everyone to go to their events. It was backstroke this time so we raced to the pool again (which wasn’t so cold this time) then when the horn went and I swam! As my arms splashed (splashing buckets of water into my mouth) I was at the end of the pool in no time! What did I come… 4th!! That was my last event so back to my towel. We had our lunch and then waited HOURS for free time …. Ages after it was free time!!!! I could only play for a bit because goggles broke! Noooooo!… ah  well.. I went to the change rooms, changed and we walked back to school.

The end

6 room image

We were at my dad’s friends house and out of the window, hopping out of the bushes we saw five small kangaroos! It was very surprising! I could hear my mum saying look! Kangaroos! I asked myself why are they coming so close? Aren’t they scared? It was quite cloudy but that made the greens, greys and browns of the bush stand out. When I first saw I thought are those kangaroos? They can’t be?! … yes they are!! It wasn’t very suprising for the for the people who lived there because they said they see them all the time. But for us it was very exiting!
The End