100 WC

It was the day of the sweets & fun carnival, the few days of joy that came every year with lots of  rides, colors, and balloons! Beau went here every single year ever since he was 4.  He always enjoyed every single ride, from the teacups to the big roller-coaster, but there was one he had never, ever been on before, the ferris wheel, this wasn’t an ordinary one, it was HUGE, it went through the clouds! and this year, he was 11, finally old enough to go on it! So on he hopped.

It was a very joyful ride, with a little carnival tune playing as i turned around. About 5 minutes later it should’ve  stopped but it went on for ages! And then the noise stopped. The whole ferris wheel stopped! Beau was right up the top! “Oh..oh no! how do i get down?” He was stuck on it for about three hours, this carnival was in the country, and the closest oil store was 3 hours away!

100 word challenge

It had been many years since Poppy had seen her best and only friend, Cynthia.

They were extremely close when they were children, they did pretty much everything together! They played everyday, never ever had any fights, it was really good! Despite being apart from each other for so long Poppy remembered her crystal clear.

They had been parted when there was a terrible storm and everyone had to escape from town. As Poppy had grown up, she moved to Peach Bay, a seaside town.

One evening she was walking along the beach, and then out of the water there was a bottle. Poppy opened it. In lovely handwriting it said- “I’m terribly lonely in this big, polluted city. can someone keep me company? my address is 93 caramel ave, thank you! -Cynthia Olympia.” Was that the Cynthia!? Yes! Poppy had been terribly lonely! She decided in a week, she would pack her bags to leave to Caramel  avenue! 

100 word challenge

Valerie lay on her bed, thinking, remembering her grandfather, 11/11 the day he fought in the war. This was a very sad day that came every year, she loved her grandpa, today they usually go to his grave and put some nice, lovely, new flowers to remember him. He had played a big part in the war, he was to be respected. Right next to the grave yard was a gigantic field of the prettiest, delicate looking red flowers, like they had each been carefully dipped in the nicest shade of red ink, Valerie knew what the poppies meant to the war, how they had sprung up on the field the war was on.

100 Word challenge

There were a group of rangers who where working to help track animals and keep them safe,  today they had to go to a very muddy, smelly old pond which was thick with dark green slimy algae, many reeds and weeds bordering this muddy pond. They could see little dark brown frogs, deeply croaking as they sat on the slimy lily pads.

But today they had a special job to do. There was a huge, unfriendly crocodile swimming around in the waters, and they have to transfer it to another river with more space.  Bad  thing is, one of the rangers, Victoria, was TERRIFIED of crocodiles!! And this one was apparently really big! when they were walking, she felt something slimy at her ankles… “CR-CROCODILE!!!!!” And she was so scared that she fell on her back into the water, feet sticking straight up.

Turned out the slimy thing was just a frog.

100 WC

The violent storm was making the leaves in the tall, old,  tree rustle so much it sounded almost like a wolf howling. The GIGANTIC storm clouds swirling high up in the sky were so, so dark and looked very ominous and threatening, like huge floating puffs of smoke. the streets quickly grew emptier and emptier as the scared and busy people rushed about quickly making their way home to get out of the cold. The thunder, it was amazingly loud, like giants walking about in the sky making everything rattle with noise. And the lightning of course, like huge forks of light quickly flashing out of the sky with every boom of thunder.

Good thing we are here, safe at home by the fire out of the cold.

100 Word challenge

Ivy and Celeste were just casually walking down the street, Minding their own business when suddenly, the ground started shaking, and slowly, the sky got darker!  “Woah! Celeste! What in the world is happening?!” “I-i have nooo ideaa…” When they looked up, the clouds where as black as the night. “Well, they look like storm clouds, but they aren’t usually that dark… uh..” Celeste was very smart, and knew lots of things about the weather but this was very unusual. “BOOOOM!!” A huge lightning strike hit the town hall and huge chunks of hail, the size of tennis balls were pummeling down. “Ahh!! we can’t stay outside lets gooo!! Ivy shouted. Why was this happening? They didn’t know.

100 word challenge

In a far, far away land, the small elf girl named Sylvia was riding her small dragon. It was 6:30 in the morning, the most beautiful time of day in her opinion, when you can barely see the sun slowly creeping up behind the mountains. Looking down, she was surprised to see everyone up bright and early… at 6:30?!  This was a strange sight for a small girl who’s used to everything being the same all the time. “Do you know whats happening?” She asked her dragon. “Oh, Sylvia today is the..”

But she decided to hop down and see. “Oh! i completely forgot! Today is the annual festival for elves!” How could she have forgotten!

100 word challenge.

“They found out my secret! I wondered what i should do…”  Thought Moni, a normal human girl…no! She was half cat, and usually hid her tail and cat ears but during class a very annoying boy pulled her hood down, he made a very loud shout and the whole class not only heard him, but also saw Moni’s cat ears very clearly. She was so angry, she screamed at the whole class. When she walked home she ran up to the person who pulled her hood down. “Um you, I need to talk to you.”Uhh yeah??” He replied.Please please please tell everyone they weren’t real! “I cant do that Moni! People aren’t gonna believe that. Moni ran off. “What am i going to do!!” Morning came quickly, she had to go to school. She stepped into the classroom and expected everyone to act all weird around her, but no! Everyone just acted normally. Oh phew! Moni was very glad.


It was a warm, summer night with a deep, black night sky. And  Violet was sleeping in her expensive silk nightie, cuddling her 200$ velvet stuffed polar bear. UGHHHH! IT TOOO HOOTTTT!! the spoiled child screamed. She thumped down the stairs and pushed into her fathers bedroom. It was 12:00 at night and her father was very tired. “Yes, Violet my sweetie?” “IT’S TOO  HOT!!!!”Well what can I do, honey?” “Buy me a fan! NOW!” Ugh, no! It’s too late! Her poor father said. “Buy me 1. Or i’ll scream!!” Her dad hated her screaming. A lot. “Alright, alright i’ll buy one.” He went and got her a very high class fan. “Sweetie here you go.” NO! ITS UGLY! I HATE IT!! her dad was fed up. He grabbed her polar bear and sent it flying off the balcony. She deserved that.