100 WC

It was the day of the sweets & fun carnival, the few days of joy that came every year with lots of  rides, colors, and balloons! Beau went here every single year ever since he was 4.  He always enjoyed every single ride, from the teacups to the big roller-coaster, but there was one he had never, ever been on before, the ferris wheel, this wasn’t an ordinary one, it was HUGE, it went through the clouds! and this year, he was 11, finally old enough to go on it! So on he hopped.

It was a very joyful ride, with a little carnival tune playing as i turned around. About 5 minutes later it should’ve  stopped but it went on for ages! And then the noise stopped. The whole ferris wheel stopped! Beau was right up the top! “Oh..oh no! how do i get down?” He was stuck on it for about three hours, this carnival was in the country, and the closest oil store was 3 hours away!

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