100 word challenge

It had been many years since Poppy had seen her best and only friend, Cynthia.

They were extremely close when they were children, they did pretty much everything together! They played everyday, never ever had any fights, it was really good! Despite being apart from each other for so long Poppy remembered her crystal clear.

They had been parted when there was a terrible storm and everyone had to escape from town. As Poppy had grown up, she moved to Peach Bay, a seaside town.

One evening she was walking along the beach, and then out of the water there was a bottle. Poppy opened it. In lovely handwriting it said- “I’m terribly lonely in this big, polluted city. can someone keep me company? my address is 93 caramel ave, thank you! -Cynthia Olympia.” Was that the Cynthia!? Yes! Poppy had been terribly lonely! She decided in a week, she would pack her bags to leave to Caramel  avenue! 

One thought on “100 word challenge

  1. Hey – that’s a good story. It has quite a sad feel to it and I really like the second paragraph. I like the hope that it has that the two friends will be reunited – you have chosen an interesting way to use the prompt. Great writing – well done!

    PS – I also really like your virtual cat 🙂

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