100 Word challenge

There were a group of rangers who where working to help track animals and keep them safe,  today they had to go to a very muddy, smelly old pond which was thick with dark green slimy algae, many reeds and weeds bordering this muddy pond. They could see little dark brown frogs, deeply croaking as they sat on the slimy lily pads.

But today they had a special job to do. There was a huge, unfriendly crocodile swimming around in the waters, and they have to transfer it to another river with more space.  Bad  thing is, one of the rangers, Victoria, was TERRIFIED of crocodiles!! And this one was apparently really big! when they were walking, she felt something slimy at her ankles… “CR-CROCODILE!!!!!” And she was so scared that she fell on her back into the water, feet sticking straight up.

Turned out the slimy thing was just a frog.

One thought on “100 Word challenge

  1. Hi Isabel
    You were obviously inspired by the prompt this week as you have created such a descriptive piece of writing. This is especially noticeable in your first paragraph, you set the scene so clearly. I liked your idea of the crocodile being moved and the twist at the end, I always enjoy a story with a slightly unexpected ending. Well done!
    Miss T

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