100 Word challenge

Ivy and Celeste were just casually walking down the street, Minding their own business when suddenly, the ground started shaking, and slowly, the sky got darker!  “Woah! Celeste! What in the world is happening?!” “I-i have nooo ideaa…” When they looked up, the clouds where as black as the night. “Well, they look like storm clouds, but they aren’t usually that dark… uh..” Celeste was very smart, and knew lots of things about the weather but this was very unusual. “BOOOOM!!” A huge lightning strike hit the town hall and huge chunks of hail, the size of tennis balls were pummeling down. “Ahh!! we can’t stay outside lets gooo!! Ivy shouted. Why was this happening? They didn’t know.

One thought on “100 Word challenge

  1. We love the cliffhanger and the way we can tell Ivy is scared by what she says. Try starting a new line for a new speaker.

    From the Dodos Class


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