International day of the girl

Today, October 11 is the international day of the girl this is an event that goes on every year, but it has a different theme every year, and this year it’s education. That means that every year, thousands of girls are missing out on school and learning, they especially miss out a lot in secondary schools, i feel very sorry for these girls because everyone should always be equal, especially in education!!

This could be by lack of money, especially in poorer countries and it is extremely unfair to girls because if they decide to have a family one day when they are older, their kids will get poor education as well and it can’t keep spreading! And in some countries when girls get forced to get married at an early age, they have less education just to get married.

So today an organization has decide to stand up for this and help give girls equal rights to boys, and have the right education.  In the city today at Flinders street station, there is a mural of girls sitting at a sewing machine instead of being at school, and you can go into the city and help erase this!  There is also an online version, here is the link-

More links for this cause-


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