Gala Sports recount.

The tennis ball batted towards me as i swung my bat towards it,hoping i could hit the ball!But i missed it! NO!!! There was still a chance, i thought as the red sand kicked up from the ground. When it was the end of that match, we shook hands with the other team, we did not win,but we had still tried!! All of this was happening at Gala sport bat tennis, everyone was exited. For the rest of the day (i had no more games.) I exitedly watched the matches of our school playing the other schools, hoping we would win! For some of the day we sat down and played a few games if uno , and we met some people from another school and talked to them for a while. We were waiting for the big final rounds, wondering who would get into the finals and hoping our school could win some matches! A few hours later the finals were on!!! I didnt get in , but we cheered for Moonee Ponds primary!!  It was fun to watch . At the end of bat tennis we found out that our school had come 9th , that was an improvement from last time. YAYYYY!!! Everyone was tired (i wasnt really but i only played one game.) So we stopped in queens park, ate our lunch, played some games , and then headed back to school. Gala sports day was very very FUN!!!


4 thoughts on “Gala Sports recount.

  1. Dear Izzy,

    Your recount of the gala sports was very accurat.
    You need to work on your grammar because neally every single “I” was an “i”. I recomened that you edit your work. But if I round up my comment I would say that your vocabulary was nice.


  2. Hi Isabel,

    We had a really fun time in Bat Tennis at Gala Sports. I liked how you used lots of descriptive words in your recount. GOOD JOB!!!!!!

    From Zoe:)

  3. Hi Isabel,
    That is a really good piece of writing just remember to use capital I’s. Apart from that it was a really good recount and we did have a really good time like Zoe said.

    From your best bud Eleanor ^w^

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